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Animal Rights

As the parent of two dogs, I believe that all living creatures deserve rights, protection, and justice. We must advocate for and institute legislation that will ensure legal rights, protections, and safety for all animals.

As an Assemblymember I will fight to:

  • Pass Ryder’s Law that would ban horse carriages in New York.

  • Guarantee universal healthcare for all domestic animals.

  • End the sale of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and rabbits from pet stores. 

  • Eliminate pet fees for residents living in apartments 

  • Ending the sale of fur products in New York.

  • Ban the use of adhesive traps in New York.

  • Renew a moratorium on new slaughterhouses within 1,500 feet from a residential building.

  • End the sale of kangaroo leather.

  • Prohibit traveling animal act circuses in New York.

  • Protect the rights of tenants with pets.

  • Ban the practice of cat declawing.

  • Stop the use of live animals in classroom projects.

  • Pass Bella’s Bill to strengthen New York’s animal cruelty laws.

  • Protect aquatic life in New York.

  • Educating New Yorkers about plant-based eating and its health benefits.

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