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Climate Justice

We are facing a climate crisis and we must act now to protect the most vulnerable, disadvantaged, and impacted by climate change. Climate justice must be at the forefront of our legislation to ensure that we have a more just, sustainable, and equitable future for all New Yorkers.

As an Assemblymember I will fight to:

  • Pass the New York Home Energy Affordable Transition (NY HEAT) Act that would help working class families afford their utility bills.

  • Create a just transition to guide the replacement and redevelopment of New York’s fossil fuel facilities by 2030, through the Just Transition Act.

  • Hold the state’s worst polluters accountable and pay for their contributions to the climate crisis, through the Climate Change Superfund Act.

  • Pass the Energy Efficiency, Equity, and Jobs Act that would ensure we are hiring and training workers from the communities most impacted by the climate crisis.

  • Stand against any new fossil fuel infrastructure and build more renewable energy across the state.

  • Put the Build Public Renewables Act into effect and create of green union jobs while we transition towards publicly owned renewable energy.

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