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Disability Justice

New York must be accessible to all. Our fellow New Yorkers with disabilities, both visible and invisible, must be prioritized as we imagine our transportation, jobs, education, and voting systems, so that all New Yorkers can access all that our state has to offer.

As an Assemblymember I will fight to:

  • Pass Daniel’s Law to ensure a non-police response, that includes mental health professionals, for New Yorkers experiencing mental health crises.

  • Expand access to public transportation by ensuring that all buses and trains are fully accessible.

  • Hold employers accountable for discrimination against people with disabilities in hiring and in the workplace.

  • Ensure that people with disabilities living three miles or more from a traditional transit route are eligible for paratransit service.

  • Expand the Test to Treat COVID program so people can access free home COVID-19 test kits.

  • Implement comprehensive accessibility measures for voting rights by making all polling locations fully accessible.

  • Create playgrounds accessible to children with special needs.

  • Providing adequate funding to our schools in order to ensure physical accessibility, provide mental health resources for students with mental and psychological disabilities, and access to professional development for teachers to give them the needed tools to meet each student’s needs.

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