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Education Equity

Public education is extremely vital for our children and high-quality education is, more than ever, necessary in our underfunded working class communities of color.

As an Assemblymember I will fight to:

  • Fully and equitably fund public schools, especially those in marginalized Black & Brown communities, in New York.

  • Pass the New Deal for CUNY that would invest in needed services for CUNY students and make CUNY tuition-free.

  • Advocate for the cancellation of all student loans in New York State.

  • Pass the Solutions not Suspensions bill that would end the school system’s reliance on suspensions as a way to discipline students.

  • Advocate for smaller class sizes.

  • End the school to prison pipeline by ensuring that schools are funded and a place where every student can thrive.

  • Stand against Eric Adams' austerity budget and fully fund our libraries.

  • Make schools fully accessible and offer students with special needs the resources & programs they require.

  • Expand our Pre-K for all program to ensure every child can access this program and the resources it has to offer.

  • Ensure Universal School Meals are a reality for every student, no matter the school they attend.

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