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Healthcare for All

Everyone, no matter who they are, deserves access to healthcare. I will fight to pass the NY Health Act to address the inequity in our current healthcare system. Whether it’s the mental health crisis, the rise in homelessness, or high asthma rates, our communities need healthcare now!

As an Assemblymember I will fight to:

  • Pass the New York Health Act, that would create a single-payer healthcare system so everyone can access healthcare at no cost.

  • Ensure we pass Coverage for All so everyone, regardless of immigration status, can access healthcare.

  • Advocate for Fair Pay for Home Care so that home care workers are paid a livable wage and address New York's home care shortage.

  • Increase tuition & loan forgiveness for nursing programs and expand access to clinical training & mentorship programs to help address the need for nurses.

  • Extend the minimum nurse to patient ratio.

  • Invest in universal maternal care to address maternal mortality rates, especially in Black & Brown communities.

  • Support hospital interns, residents, and physicians as they fight for better contracts to ensure a livable wage, greater funding, and access to support services.

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