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Immigration Justice

Immigrants are an integral part of our community. We need to ensure that all immigrant New Yorkers are able to live safely without the fear of deportation or discrimination. Our neighbors deserve to have access to all vital services and resources.

As an Assemblymember I will fight to:

  • Ensure worker protections and paid sick leave to prevent exploitation of undocumented workers.

  • Facilitate work permits so immigrants can access jobs.

  • Assist with placement into schools and ELA/Literacy programs for both children and adults.

  • Expand language access in our schools, hospitals, and city & state agencies.

  • Advocate for an easier path towards citizenship.

  • Implement the Unemployment Bridge Program so everyone can access unemployment benefits and pass Coverage for All so everyone can access healthcare.

  • Guarantee access to legal representation for all immigrants facing deportation, through the Access to Representation Act.

  • Pass New York for All and Dignity Not Detention Acts to limit collaboration with federal immigration enforcement, protect undocumented immigrants’ privacy, and keep families together.

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