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Justice & Safety

We must end the criminalization of our communities, end mass incarceration, demand police accountability, and invest in our communities.

As an Assemblymember I will fight to:

  • End Qualified Immunity so victims and survivors of state violence have access to justice.

  • Expand parole to older and vulnerable people through Elder Parole and Fair & Timely Parole, so people can have a second chance outside of prison. 

  • Pass the Gender Identity Respect, Dignity and Safety Act so TGNCNBI people are safe and can access resources consistent with their gender identity.

  • End forced prison labor. The Freedom from Forced Labor Act will ensure that nobody in prison is forced to work at no pay.

  • Pass the Treatment Not Jail Act so people with disabilities can access the treatment and support they need.

  • Invest in violence prevention programs in Harlem.

  • Hold police accountable by strengthening the Civilian Review Board (CCRB)

  • Ensure we have online safety from AI and for children accessing social media apps.

  • Advocate for greater gun control and safety.

  • Invest in domestic and gender-based violence support and programs.

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