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Meet Maria

Maria Ordoñez is a lifelong resident of Harlem, an organizer, and Democratic State Committee member fighting for Harlem's future.

Maria Ordoñez is an activist & organizer and a lifelong resident of Harlem, running for Assembly District 70. She organizes for tenants rights, environmental justice, and to involve more people into the democratic process. Growing up in Harlem, Maria has seen firsthand friends and neighbors be evicted or have to leave their homes because they are unable to afford rent. As Maria began to organize for tenants rights in her neighborhood, she saw that it didn’t have to be that way. Many of our elected officials have been failing us for years. Maria is running for Assembly because we need an Assemblymember that will stand up for Harlem. Previously, Maria ran for City Council in 2021 where she obtained 2nd place in a highly contested race and was formerly elected in 2020 to represent Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Convention. Maria holds a degree in Political Science from Columbia University, is an Executive Committee member of the New York Progressive Action Network (NYPAN), and currently serves as a Democratic State Committee Member for Assembly District 70 in Harlem.


Maria is running for State Assembly in Harlem to fight for a Harlem that is represented in Albany! Together we can make truly affordable housing, education equity, climate justice, the New York Health Act, union jobs with livable wages, and a Green New Deal for public housing possible in Harlem.

Join us and be part of the movement to uplift our community and  create the future Harlem deserves. Together, we can make it happen!

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