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Transportation for All

Public transportation must be free and accessible to all New Yorkers. We need safe streets for cyclists and pedestrians and we must invest in more efficient trains and buses.

As an Assemblymember I will fight to:

  • Fix the MTA and make it fare-free for everyone.

  • Make train stations accessible with elevators and ramps.

  • Ensure train stations have clean & accessible bathrooms.

  • Create more bike lanes in busy avenues in Harlem and support the creation of the Five Borough Bikeway.

  • Expand waste containerization and trash collection to avoid disturbing pedestrians and transportation.

  • Create more dedicated bus lanes.

  • Support the SAFE Streets legislative package to ensure New York has safe streets.

  • Pass Sammy’s Law that would allow New York City to control its own speed limits.

  • Create more open streets in Harlem and across the city & state.

  • Support outdoor dining and its expansion where appropriate and needed.

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