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Fighting for Harlem's Future

Join us and be part of the movement to uplift our community and create the future Harlem deserves. Together, we can make it happen!

Maria Ordonez is smiling and wearing a black blazer with a green button down.
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"I will fight for true equity, accessibility, and justice, and as an Assemblymember, I will be proud to represent the entire district and all of its diversity for a United Harlem."

Our Platform

Our vision to fight for Harlem's future

Housing Justice

Secure truly affordable & accessible housing, invest in Harlem's public housing complexes, protect renters through legislation like Good Cause Eviction, and ensure everyone has a place to live that they can afford.

Education Equity

Fully fund our schools, invest in our libraries, and advocate for tuition-free CUNY & SUNY because every student should have access to quality education.

Climate Justice

Advocate for a Green New Deal for public housing, support good union jobs as we fight the climate crisis, safer streets for pedestrians & cyclists, and fare-free public transportation.

Healthcare for All

Fight to pass the New York Health Act so that everyone can access healthcare at no cost. Collaborate with community members and groups to address the homelessness and mental health crises, so they receive the support they need.

Queer Liberation

Stand against any and all attacks against queer and trans rights. Invest in housing, healthcare, and jobs. Everyone deserves to live where they are safe, healthy, and can thrive.

Invest in Harlem

Advocate for universal childcare, support for small businesses, greater access to social services, and support our seniors.


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Jim Owles
Democratic Club
Tenants PAC
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Citizen Action
of New York
Planned Parenthood
100% Rating
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504 Democratic Club
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Voters for Animal Rights
StreetsPAC Logo Square.png
Streets PAC
Marti Cummings Endorsement'.png
Marti Cummings
LGBTQ+ Rights 
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Community Voices Heard Power


Assembly District 70

Harlem is a vibrant and diverse community that needs a strong voice in Albany. Maria Ordoñez is committed to being that voice and ensuring that the issues that matter most to Harlem residents are given the attention they deserve. Together we can create a better future for our community!

Donate to Support our Movement!

We don’t take fossil fuel, real estate, or corporate money. We’re supported by the people, for the people.

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